I believe that people should have the best experience possible when learning and engaging with new materials - no matter their previous experience, background knowledge, or technical skills. That’s why I am passionate about helping institutions, companies, and learning platforms provide engaging and inclusive user experiences, whether through social media posts, websites, podcasts, exhibitions, or museum public outreach.

But how does one ensure that? By putting potential users at the center of everything and by executing projects based around what the user wants and needs. And, making sure that consumers see people like them in the materials they are consuming - because representation is key when it comes to being inclusive. In addition to creating a more equitable world, it also promotes new and inventive thinking that will result in a better overall experience.

I studied at American University where I completed a PhD in Anthropology in 2020. I’m currently working as a Product Specialist at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. When I’m not working, I can be found dancing (in the pre-COVID-19 times), sewing, reading, learning Danish, and playing with my dog. I am also a co-founder and co-host of the Women in Archaeology podcast with several of my colleagues.

Feel free to reach out!

~ Chelsi

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